Feeding the Dairy Cow - Silage additives from seeding to feeding

The team at Advanced Nutrition don’t just recommend additives for use within nutrition, we look at the whole process of silage making – from seeding to feeding. This is because silage additives won’t make poor silage good, but they will help to keep it in top quality condition. More importantly we’ll work with you from the start and use our experience to improve your forage so that when we do use additives - your good forage will be excellent quality forage!

Silage additives help to prevent spoilage of your crop from undesirable bacteria. They control the preservation process so that by the time of feeding it has retained as many nutrients present in the fresh forage as possible. 

The silage making process aims to use the naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria convert the forage into silage. However, as part of this process there are a number of unwanted organisms that can result in a slow fermentation process. This can leave little sugar with considerable protein broken down, resulting in a silage with a low nutrient content.

It's important to choose the right additives for the needs of your farm. Additives can be expensive, so you need to ensure that you have a return for your investment. Good quality silage will be beneficial to your herd’s health, boosting feed intake and productivity and therefore lowering the cost of production.

Why not give us a call and we can help find a solution tailored to your needs?

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