Building the herd of the future

Liz Newman, our Heifer Rearing Specialist and the team at Advanced Nutrition begin the year with a focus on a whole farm approach, starting with a review of Youngstock.

Building the herd of the future

Herd longevity and sustainability are key principles that run throughout the core of our business. We focus on preventing disease, limiting the use of antibiotics and overall ensuring you have a healthy herd. Whatever the market conditions, without healthy cows you cannot maximise profit. We understand that every farm is different and requires tailored management.

This starts with our Advanced Heifer 24 program which is viewed in the context of a whole herd approach. We provide you with the building blocks to ensure the right type of growth at the right time, producing youngstock for a lifetime of performance.

Our rigorous program is placed in the context of your unique business and sets our service apart.

Liz Newman comments, "The Advanced Heifer 24 program is a different approach. Yes, we aim to get our clients to calve at 24th months and yes we look at improving daily live weight gain. However, everything we do is viewed within the context of the whole farm. We gather data on your whole herd and analyse it against the data we have on your calves and heifers to monitor their lifetime performance. This allows us to provide you with a bespoke insight into your own herd to make the right decisions to improve the performance on your farm."

We focus on improving DLWG but in doing that we make sure that we provide you with the building blocks to promote frame growth rather than just building fat. This is important so that we are producing heifers that have developed the milk cells in their udders to reach their full potential when they start producing milk.

We take the time to understand what’s in your milk powder with the understanding that not all ingredients are equal. It shouldn’t be about finding the cheapest product, but what is most cost efficient. Which ingredients are going to provide your calves with the right type of growth at the right time and therefore give you the best return on your investment? That’s where we can make a difference.

Our rigorous nutritional and management program will ensure that as a team we:

  • Understand the impact of your own herd’s lifecycle
  • View the context and impact of your herd’s environment
  • Develop a nutritional program to suit your herd for the right growth at the right time
  • Forward planning and understand financial considerations

Challenge us to review your youngstock and make a difference. Call Liz Newman on 07722 147982  or email


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