Bon Silage FIT Benefits for Beef Cattle

Bon Silage FIT Benefits for Beef Cattle

Homegrown forages continue to be an important part of controlling input costs on farm. Maintaining the quality of the silage produced is paramount, so we’ve been looking at the BonSilage Fit additive, covering both grass and maize silage.

Preventing spoilage

Key to maintenance is preventing spoilage as the clamp face warms and yeasts and moulds develop. BonSilage has a unique combination of homo and hetrofermentative bacteria which change the fermentation acid pattern of forages to produce sufficient lactic acid to drop the pH while creating acetic acid to increase aerobic stability.

Adding value

Propylene glycol helps manage blood sugar levels with increased insulin production and normalized blood sugar. This in turn increases appetite and therefore feed consumption. Propylene glycol can also prevent the degradation of body protein if required. Leading to improved feed conversion rate (FCR) in cattle.


With the use of Bonsilage Fit on your silages, your cattle benefit in many ways. The rumen critical lactic acid is reduced, and the physiologically more valuable acetic acid is increased. This also ensures stability of the silages after opening and has a positive effect on feed intake. The propylene glycol formed on average 2.9% DM rounds off the fermentation acid pattern and improved the energy supplyof your cattle. (see Fig 1 below).

If you'd like any further information on how Bon Silage could beenfit your herd, please just contact the office on 015242 63139 or email


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