New standard for dairy trace mineral nutrition

To help ensure high genetic merit dairy cows produce to their potential, and to optimize herd efficiency, Zinpro Corporation has launched Availa®Dairy, a specific combination of highly metabolically available trace minerals which trials have shown can generate a return on investment of at least 10:1.

New standard for dairy trace mineral nutrition

The genetic potential of dairy cows has improved significantly in recent years and performance expectations have become even higher.  In the past 30 years milk yield has increased by around 60%.  To sustain this higher performance and optimize herd efficiency while ensuring the health and welfare of the cow, nutrition and management need to be exceptional.  And that includes superior trace mineral nutrition.

Based on significant peer-reviewed research and on-farm trials, Availa-Dairy brings together the latest Zinpro research into new feeding recommendations for trace minerals. It contains a specific combination of amino acid complexed zinc, manganese and copper in a precise ratio to deliver superior performance.

Unique, ‘Amino Acid Pathway’ Minerals

Cows need trace minerals which remain active in the gut and can be absorbed more effectively, meaning they are able to participate in metabolic functions and help cows perform to their potential.  A large proportion of inorganic minerals in the diet, and some low-quality organic trace minerals, get inactivated in the gut, are not absorbed to make them available to the animal and are just excreted.

It is therefore essential to ensure trace minerals are highly metabolically available to the animal.  Specifically, they should be stable at low stomach pH and not affected by antagonists, soluble and easily absorbed.

Dr Huw McConochie, Dairy Nutritionist at Zinpro, explains that the trace minerals in Availa-Dairy, where the metal is structurally bonded to certain amino acids, have these superior characteristics. They are uniquely and more efficiently absorbed through ‘amino acid transporters’ in the gut.  Once in circulation they are metabolized differently from other metal sources allowing the cow to utilize the trace minerals more effectively.

Improved Performance

“By delivering optimal levels of trace minerals that are highly metabolically available, Availa-Dairy gives superior results.  In trials it has been shown to increase milk yield by 4%, improve feed efficiency by at least 8%, significantly support udder and hoof health, and increase reproductive performance.  It also improves colostrum quality, indicated by increased IgG levels,” says Dr McConochie.

“These improvements, together with a smoother transition through fewer issues during this critical period, help to optimize overall herd performance and contribute to a more sustainable milk supply chain.”

Superior Minerals, Superior Results. Full Stop.

In summary, Availa-Dairy offers improved production, better cow well-being and an excellent return on investment of at least 10:1. It represents the outcome of significant peer-reviewed research and on-farm trials and is the new standard in dairy trace mineral nutrition.

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