Silage Inoculant for Maize

Add value to your maize silage to increase energy values and improve the health of your herd.

Silage Inoculant for Maize

With the maize season creeping nearer, have you thought about maximising the energy in your silage?

Animal health is at the centre of Advanced Nutrition's philosophy and we regulary research the best products and practices to reflect that. One of the main periods where energy related problems occur is during the transition and calving period. This can be due in part to energy efficiency and a low, negative energy can lead towards metabolic disorders. To tackle this part of the issue, we look to increase energy into the diet, including your maize silage.

Part of our research has focussed on the BonSilage FIT product range, both for grass and maize silage. It works by shifting the fermentation acid patterns to produce more acetic acid and propylene glycol which increases aerobic stability.

BonSilage FIT optimizes the energy properties of your maize silage to combat feed-related diseases such as acidosis and ketosis, not normally influenced by using silage additives. The formation of glucogenic components such as propylene glycol relieves the cow’s metabolism at the start of lactation – for measurably improved cow fitness.

The product combines recent insights in animal nutrition and changes the metabolic pathway of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to broaden the range of influence for silage inoculants beyond the silage clamp and into the barn. It is known that energy imbalances increase the risk for ketosis but until recently it was unknown how silage inoculants can influence the metabolism of energy in the forage. Extensive research by Schaumann has proven that an adapted combination of LAB inoculant influences cow metabolism by providing considerable amounts of propylene glycol as a glucogenic precursor in silages.

BonSilage FIT with its impressive aerobic stability, high palatability and high digestibility enables modern day farmers to produce milk from forage more efficiently with less stress on the cow.

It's unique combination of LAB changes the fermentation acid pattern of forages to produce sufficient lactic acid to drop the pH while creating acetic acid to increase aerobic stability and propylene glycol which positively influences energy metabolism in the cow. 

BonSilage FIT maize silages, characterized by high energy density and digestibility, together with a rumen friendly fermentation pattern, help reduce the risk of ketosis and acidosis in the cow.

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