The Benefits of Crimping Cereal

Crimping cereals and proteins help maximise nutritional value and dry matter yield. Treating crimped cereals with a biological additive can enable you to make the maximum use of home grown concentrates.

The Benefits of Crimping Cereal

After a turbulent few months and with uncertainty set to continue, its important that we look to optimise feed efficiencies within dairy herds in order to maintain a margin over feed costs. One way that we can look to improve rumen function is through including a higher density of digestible nutritients within in the feed through crimping immature cereal grains and treating with BonSilage Crimp.

Shorrock noted in the Journal of Dairy Science (86:1789–1796.) Unprocessed cereal grains in cattle rations are often under-utilized, because of the hardness of the seed coat, which limits starch digestibility. Physical processing can rupture the seed coat and increase starch availability, but the process is quite costly, and intake of excessive levels of processed mature grains can predispose cattle to acidosis. An alternative approach involves harvesting, crimping, and ensiling immature cereal grains. This approach leads to a higher density of desirable nutrients in the straw and grain, reduced risk of acidosis, increased yield due to reduced grain losses, and early sowing of subsequent (catch) crops.

Crimping cereals and proteins with Bonsilage Crimp will help to maximise nutritional value and dry matter yield. This biological additive is designed to make the maximum use of home grown concentrates, with a high starch value, high energy intakes and therefore a reduction in feed costs. 

Benefits of Bon Silage Crimp:-

  • Greater aerobic stability in the clamp
  • Reduced yeast and moulds
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive alternative to acids
  • Reduced microbial counts
  • Reduce dry matter losses

Bonsilage Crimp

Treat grains with Bonsilage Crimp at 58% – 70% DM (pulses 62% - 68%)
Bonsilage Crimp contains a balanced mix of highly active homo- and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria. Bonsilage crimp, with good ensiling technique and accurate dosing, produces a stable fermentation with minimal losses.
Bonsilage Crimp applies a minimum of 1 million LAB per gram of crop FM. (50t pots)
Bonsilage Crimp is non-toxic, non-caustic & non-corrosive.
Minimum storage duration before opening 6 – 8 weeks.

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