X-Zelit, The Easy Way To Transition Healthy, Profitable Cows.

The following article from British Dairying's December Issues highlights the trials from Copehagen and Cornell universities, proving how effective the product X-Zelit is. Our farmers have commented on how easy the product is to use.

X-Zelit, The Easy Way To Transition Healthy, Profitable Cows.

The transition period is generally seen as a difficult period to manage, with the potential for a whole host of factors to go wrong. To add to that, it’s the most critical stage to set the cow up to ensure her future health, longevity and profitable milk production.

Why so crucial?

  • This period exposes the cow to approx. 80% of all health disorders
  • The metabolic changes during this time are more than any other period
  • Fresh cow energy & metabolisable protein requirement exceeds intake by about 25%
  • The animal’s immune system comes under the most pressure

Clinical & subclinical problems associated around this period are obvious - milk fever, retained cleansings, etc. What may be forgotten is that SCC, mastitis, lameness, early culling, milk quality, ovulation and off course getting cows back in calf, all start their journey of success or, evidently failure during this time!

X-Zelit®– Uncomplicated Excellence!
So, why not use a product that eases all those concerns? X-Zelit®is easy to use, effective and produces fantastic results, all of which are scientifically proven. 

This dry cow product works by stimulating the dry cow’s own hormonal system to create a perfect calcium balance at calving. The result is a dramatic drop in levels of clinical and subclinical milk fever, increased health, fertility and post calving energy.

Trials at the university of Copenhagen and Cornell University have proven that X-Zelit®:

  1. Significantly reduces milk fever – 100% effective in lab trials
  2. Increases milk yield up to 1.5kg/day
  3. 9% improvement in colostrum quality
  4. Improved fertility which reduced the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  5. 10% reduction in SCC

John Fish from Vilofoss comments, “It is really important to aid the cow in the transitional period. Calcium deficiency can lead to multiple problems related to both muscle and immune function. Cows with subclinical hypocalcaemia are nine times more likely to suffer with ketosis, four times more likely to have displaced abomasum, six times more likely to get dystocia, and twice as likely to contract metritis. All of which leads to loss of income and the increased potential for culling or death.  X-Zelit®brings simplicity to transition cow management whilst controlling many metabolic issues and sets the cow up for a successful lactation and lifetime production.”

The following table, shows how X-Zelit®can reduce the costs of metabolic disorders across the herd.


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