Advanced Robot Hold Successful Dairy Meeting

“Interpreting and Understanding Robot Data”

Advanced Robot Hold Successful Dairy Meeting

Last week the Advanced Robot team met with farmers in West Wales, with kind permission from Geoff Lewis at Pearson Farm. The meeting was organised by our own Advanced Robot team and Tom Allison of Gareth Howells Livestock & Dairy Technology Ltd. As well as the Advanced Robot team and Tom, Alex Cooper BVSc MRCVS from Fenton Veterinary Practice also joined the line-up of guest speakers.

The meeting focused on interpreting and understanding robot data, with the aim of improving animal health and welfare and ultimately productivity and profit.

The meeting was very well attended and guests were shown a number of different tools and techniques to understand how to make Robot data work for their herd. A key topic was mastitis detection through Crystal conductivity.

The Advanced Robot team explained that. “Conductivity is a good early warning sign to mastitis. When udder cells are damaged their content is released into the milk, this includes saline which increases the conductivity of the milk.”

They went on to explain to the attendees that in order to increase the accuracy of mastitis detection using conductivity, they need to cross reference their data with other key indicators.  For example, a key indicator may be a decrease in milk production in a given quarter. By cross referencing data, it boosts farmer’s chances of picking up mastitis by more than 90%, which is significant.

Alex Cooper BVSc MRCVS from Fenton Veterinary Practice went on to present some really interesting data and information on mastitis prevention.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we look forward to the next meeting.

If anyone requires any further information about interpreting robot data, please give the team a call on 01524263139 or email




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