X-Zelit - The easy way to transition healthy, profitable cows!

Tried and tested on UK farms and worldwide, X-Zelit has proven the easy way to transition healthy, profitable cows. It's simply fed to dairy cows two weeks prior to calving and the results are amazing.

X-Zelit - The easy way to transition healthy, profitable cows!

X-Zelit is a synthetic zeolite, a calcium binder primarily used in the prevention of milk fever, but due its many benefits (all of which are scientifcally proven), is used as a feed to manage the dry period, with outstanding results.

Trials undertaken at Cornell and Cophenhagen universities have proven:-

  • X-Zelit significantly reduces milk fever (100% effective in laboratory trials)
  • X-Zelit increases milk yield up to 1.5kg
  • X-Zelit increases colostrum quality by 9%
  • X-Zelit reduces the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  • X-Zelit reduces SCC by 10%

X-Zelit binds the calcium from the feed in the small intestine, it stimulates the cow's own hormonal system to allow better control of calcium through the dry period. It's really easy to use - simply feed 2 weeks prior to calving, a period where a demand for calcium increases. Then there is no need to worry about what diet to feed where calcium balance is concerned, there is also no need for urine pH testing or ration rebalancing. It's a "one diet fits all" solution with X-Zelit.

Why should you be concerned about calcium balance?

Maintaining a normal level of Calcium in the blood during the latter stage of the dry period is key to preparing healthy cows for their subsequent lactation. Normal calcium levels (>2.125 mmol/L or 8.5mg/dL) are crucial for proper muscle and immune system functioning.  If calcium levels drop the cow is in danger of suffering from milk fever - currently levels are running at about 10% in UK dairy herds. However, what is more worrying is that even with a slight drop in calcium levels, subclinical milk fever comes into play. In the UK, this can affect up to 75% of the herd, is unrecognisable and generally remains untreated. 


X-Zelit is the simple way to protect against this unseen danger. The costs associated with subclinical milk fever can run into thousands of pounds, some cost examples are below:-

  • Milk fever - £209 per incidence
  • Metritis - £132 per incidence
  • Displaced abomasum - £500 per incidence
  • Ketosis - £120 per incidence
  • Retained feotal membrane - £265 per incidence

Not only does X-Zelit reduce clinical and sub-clincial milk fever and associated health issues, it drives intakes at this crucial period, improving colostrum quality, increasing milk production and improving fertility.

X-Zelit has been tried and tested on UK farms for over 10 years, producing positive results for the farmers who use it. On average they have saved up to £90 per cow, included in the cost of the feed.

If you'd like to find out how your dry cows could benefit from X-Zelit, please give us a call on 015242 63139. 


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