Jobs for the Winter

As Autumn comes to a close and the days get shorter, we look ahead to the winter to provide you with some hints and tips to maximise the health of your herd.

Jobs for the Winter

  1.  Do you have adequate lighting?
  • Why not download a lux light meter app for your smart phone to establish levels of lighting in your buildings?
  • Cows needs 16 hours of at least 200- lux and about 8 hours of <50lux.
  • Make sure feeding areas, water troughs and lanes are well lit and that lighting doesn't produce shadowy areas of light reflective surfaces.
  • Timing lights to come on prior to stockmen arriving can aid heat detection with cows being up and active.
  1. Have you done a forage analysis?
  • Forage analysis will change throughout winter as clamps continue to ferment and different fields and cuts are reached.
  • Analyse your forage when any sign of change is detected.
  1. How’s your heifer rearing?
  • If you feel cold, then your calves are feeling cold too! Calf jackets keep calves warm so they have more energy for growth and to fight infection.
  • Provide plenty of fresh clean bedding for effective insulation to reduce body heat loss.
  • On very cold days, mix milk slightly warmer than 38°C to allow for cooling before the milk is fed.


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