Skim vs Whey

Liz Newman, Heifer Rearing Specialist at Advanced Nutrition demonstrates the difference between skim and whey calf milk replacer.

Skim vs Whey

Milk replacers are a cost-effective liquid feed for young calves and provide a better nutritional balance than whole milk, whilst ensuring target growth weights. But which one should you choose?  At a recent farm meeting, our dedicated Heifer Rearing Specialist, Liz Newman demonstrated the difference through a practical experiment. Details of which can be seen in the following video.


The results showed the fat settling out of the whey powder, indicating poor fat distribution. The empty glass test also showed poorer mixing for the whey powder. Fat is an important energy source in calf milk replacers and poor fat distribution and mixing can result in digestive difficulties. The fats in the Whey powder have higher melting points and longer carbon chains which are less digestible for younger calves.

We choose skim calf replacers over whey powder for better protein digestibility. This safeguards against digestive upsets and promotes optimum growth. They also contain natural Vitamin E for an improved immune system. The table below shows a comparison of apparent digestibility for a range of protein sources:-

If you’d like any further information on calf milk replacers, you can contact Liz Newman on 07722147982 or email her


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