Advanced Nutrition Target the 50 Tonne Cow

Herd health has always been and remains a core value of the services offered by Advanced Nutrition. Without a healthy herd, you simply cannot maximise profit. Further to that the team are now targeting the 50 tonne cow.

Advanced Nutrition Target the 50 Tonne Cow

The team of Ruminant Specialists at Advanced Nutrition offer farmers a way to increase profitability by looking at the farm as a whole business, considering all aspects of the cows’ life cycle, ensuring each cow in your herd has a long life. By targeting the 50 Tonne Cow they hope to work with their clients toproduce healthy cows that go on to milk for up to five lactations, which taking an average of 10,000 litres per year gives you 50 tonnes produced over a lifetime. The UK currently has an average cull rate of 33%, Advanced Nutrition work with farms to reduce that to 20%.

The team look at three key areas to identify any bottlenecks in your system, relating to Nutrition, Cow Comfort and Cow Health and Longevity. This provides the key to unlocking the true potential and profitability on your farm.

The Advanced Nutrition team understand how to produce healthy cows that have a long life in the herd. Their customers are learning how to become better forage managers to produce more milk from forage.

Company Director Bryn Davies comments, “We need to turn our cows back into herbivores for the sake of rumen health as well as reducing input costs. Balancing the nutrition towards high forage diets, including multi-cut forage, leaves the cow in a much healthier position. Multi-cut grass systems generate forage of over 72d value, consistently allowing us to target 14kg + of dry matter intakes which will generate in excess of 3,500 litres, 40% from home grown forage. This would leave cows much healthier, creating up to £200 profit per cow per lactation.”

They also work together with farms on cow comfort.At a basic level this is to ensure all cows have plenty of quality feed and water, fresh air and a soft, clean resting surface for sound footing. At a broader level, cow comfort needs to be assessed within the context of the individual farm, as well as considering seasonal variations. The team observe and measure cow activity, behaviour and environment, correlating their observations against set benchmarks, comparing the herd and individual cow performance.

Their Advanced Heifer 24 program is the start of the journey towards building a healthy herd for the future. It integrates the 50 tonne target into its philosophy – producing and maintaining healthy cows for a long life. The team also focus on the dry period, setting up and stabilising the cow for future lactations.

Bryn Davies comments, “Minimising production diseases, in particular SARA and Ketosis, has shown to cost between 2 & 4p per litre to a modern fresh cow. We want to encourage our customers to think about their cows as herbivores, encouraging forage intakes for rumen health. All too often the wrong balance of compounds and the disregard of quality forages leads to a drop in milk quality and yield. We want your cows to live long and perform well.”

No matter where your cows are in their life cycle, improvements can always be made to reach that target. Advanced Nutrition offer a Performance Audit to give a detailed assessment of your business. Using a combination of tools to assess your unit against industry standards, the report will highlight areas for improvement, advise where we can make a difference to cow longevity and assess where margins can be increased.

If you’d like to target the 50 Tonne Cow, or simply what more information on how to keep your cows healthy, please call Advanced Nutrition on 01524 263139 or email us





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