Advanced Nutrition launches Advanced Robot.

The first dedicated farmer management service for Automated Milking Systems...

Advanced Nutrition launches Advanced Robot.

A new management service designed specifically for dairy farmers with automated milking systems (AMS) has been launched by Advanced Nutrition. Called Advanced Robot, the offer features a three-point programme balancing nutrition, health and robot settings.
Claimed to be the first dedicated service working within the growing AMS sector, the service will provide a unique action plan according to the unit’s forages, health challenges, building layout and design, herd genetics and production expectations.
“Managing a dairy unit with a robot requires a different approach to conventional milking,” explains Advanced Nutrition’s Eoghan Mullery. “To unlock the true potential and profitability of AMS, then a total farm approach is required along with a complete understanding of the balance between cow health, nutrition and robot settings. Take any one of these areas in isolation and the others can potentially be knocked out of sync.
“Advanced Nutrition, with over 10 years of experience working with AMS, has developed Advanced Robot to offer all dairy farmers with robots a dedicated, tailored programme designed to unlock their unit’s true potential and profitability.”
For further information about Advanced Robot contact Advanced Nutrition on 015242 63139.


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