Milking Cow
Milking Cow

Milking Cow – Taking Care of Your Producers

The milking part of the herd are often seen as the athletes, producing the income for the dairy unit to keep it operating and moving forward. 

Our Advanced 360 approach focusses on all aspects of management within the milking herd, from the environmental factors, housing, ventilation and water, as well as production. Our bespoke nutrition packages play a key role in optimising the performance of the milking part of the herd.

Our Ruminant Specialists look to identify any bottlenecks on the farm and improve yield, fertility, lameness and mastitis.

The team at Advanced Nutrition have many years of practical experience on farm, as well as having a great network of international industry experts to draw research from. This enables them to create a targeted, driven plan to really move your dairy herd forward.

Our milking cow protocols are tailored to your farm and benefit your herd through:

  • Practical, bespoke nutritional packages with proven results
  • Reduction in herd lameness and mastitis
  • Increased milk yield and cow fertility
  • Monitored performance and reports to make continual improvements

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