Dry Cow
Dry Cow

Dry Cow – Preparing for the next lactation

Dry cow management is a key focus in most of the dairy herds that Advanced Nutrition work with. It can be a challenging part of the dairy herd management, and we sometimes find that this group can be neglected at the cost of looking after the milking cow.

However, the nutritional and environmental impact on this part of the herd can really affect their future lactation in terms of production and profitability.

An integral part of any herd, the dry cow is part of the next group of producing animals. If managed incorrectly she could fall foul to metabolic disorders and infectious diseases resulting in reduced production and knock on effects to fertility.

Our straightforward dry cow system within Advanced 360 is tailored to cater for all of the different dairy herds and systems that we work with. 

The benefits of using our Ruminant Specialists for your Dry Cows include:

  • Maintaining the cows' dry matter intake around and after calving
  • Producing the expected milk targets both in yield and composition
  • Reduced or no metabolic disorders or infection post calving
  • Reduced or no milk fever, metritis, displaced abomasum or SARA

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