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The product works - since feeding it we no longer have heifers going lame! No lameness means we don't have to keep picking up heifers feet to treat them, savings us a lot of time and hassle.

Andrew & Scott Pounder - Stainton Hill

Safesil is more expensive than conventional innoculants, however if you’re getting £20 more milk per tonne, the figures speak for themselves.

Paul Roper - Leweston Farm, Dorset

Through the Calf Rearing Protocol results to date show an average 0.88kg DLG with better, earlier growth rates meeting plotted chart targets, pot bellies have been eliminated, calves livelier and their coats shiner.

Scott Pounder - Stainton Hill Farms

DC X-Zel is easy to use, it’s palatable, the cows run up to eat it, so they like the taste of it. I would say that it’s expensive but the benefits of using it are so good.

Adam Chippendale - Wharton Hall, Wharton, Kirkby Stephen

We test our colostrum, and have found that after using DC X-Zel it’s much better quality. The cows are fitter, healthier, they don’t lose much condition after they calve, right through to lactation. They just calve down better.

Neil & David Kidd - Booth Hall, Lancaster

My herd is making great progress. Not only has cow health improved but milk production has increased by 500 litres / cow.

Steven Holden - Milbrow Farm

Safesil is certainly my recipe for success. My 200 Friesian Holsteins are looking healthier, eating better and yields are improved.

John Sprackman - Pound House Farm, Thornbury

Without those unwanted organisms, the silage remains cooler and will stay fresh for significantly longer, reducing wastage at the clamp face and during feed out.

Nigel Roobottom - Highlands Park Farm, Staffordshire

DC X-Zel and good dry cow management has really made a significant and positive financial impact on the business.

George Kynaston - Foxholes Farm

We may have saved around £13,000, but most importantly, we are starting the new lactation with healthier, stronger cows. We have every intention to continue using X-Zelit.

Joe Dugdale - Crathorne Farms, Yarm, Noth Yorkshire

Using X-Zelit, we've not had any cows down due to phosphorous or calcium, in fact to prove it, the only boxes of calcium I have are out of date. We've also been able to stop post calving check as a result of using X-Zelit.

David Swale - Stanley Farm, Sowerby, Preston

We previously fed a dry cow blend containing Mg supplements & provided access to DC buckets. We introduced X-Zelit in 2011/12. Milk fever incidents reduced by 54%, retained cleansings by 62% & vulval discharge/metritis by 58%.

Graham Bell - Crathorne Farms

I’ve had over 200 cows calving on DC X-Zel nuts, across two years, and never had a case of milk fever. It had to work 100% for me, and it did, so I wouldn’t go back to not feeding DC X-Zel.

Steven Kellet - Whitehouse Farm, Slayley, Hexham

I changed to DC X-Zel and its dramatically improved the herd. It’s very rare I have retained cleansings and 9th calvers calve like 2nd calvers! General cow health has improved, post calving energy is fantastic, and it just takes the hassle away.

David Walker - Highwoodifield Farm, Crook, County Durham

We're impressed how ARN looked at our business, the feedback & reporting on targets. Milk sold has increased 1000 litres/cow & utilisation of forages & grazing is now much better. We are extremely pleased with direction our business is going.

George Kynaston - Foxholes Farm

The support we've had from Advanced Nutrition has been fantastic and we will continue to focus on growing high quality forages and using as much home grown forage as we can

David Walker - High Woodifield Farm

Post DC X-Zel, the pressure of calving has been taken away, feeding is simple. Cows calve down quicker and the calf gets going quicker. I’ve had no cases of milk fever, no retained cleansings or twisted stomachs. It’s simple and hassle free.

Ken Jackson - Ripton House, Barnard Castle

X-Zelit has removed the headache of calving and other issues to enable straight forward cow management for the whole team.

Robert Morris-Eyton - Beckside

We feed DC X-Zel for two weeks before calving and we've had excellent results. All the of the cows have calved without assistance; there have been no problems with cleansings and no signs of milk fever.

James Francis - New Barns

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