"Post DC X-Zel, the pressure of calving has been taken away, feeding is simple. Cows calve down quicker and the calf gets going quicker. I’ve had no cases of milk fever, no retained cleansings or twisted stomachs. It’s simple and hassle free."

Ken Jackson - Ripton House, Barnard Castle
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X-Zelit has helped our farmers save up to £90 per cow per year

Dairy farmers no longer have to rely on fire brigade measures to treat milk fever. Introducing a preventative approach can vastly reduce clinical milk fever incidence - currently running around 10% in UK dairy herds, along with subclinical milk fever that can affect up to 75% of the herd.

Milk fever generally occurs shortly after calving, when there is a shortage of calcium in the blood. Calcium impacts on both muscle and immune function. Consequently cows suffering from clinical or sub-clinical milk fever, are between four and nine times more likely to suffer from a miscellany of other metabolic disorders, many of which are related. Every incident comes with a significant price tag not only in treatment and vet costs, but also losses from future milk and fertility delays. For example, displaced abomasums at £500 per incidence, retained cleansings £265, metritis £132 and SARA £300.

Get peace of mind at calving time by introducing X-Zelit in the close-up dry period. This granular feed supplement binds the calcium from the diet in the small intestine. X-Zelit takes away the hassle of worrying about the diet as far as calcium balance is concerned.

To suit different farming systems, whether intensive, semi-intensive, or grazing, X-Zelit is available in three forms. X-Zelit in its pure granular form can be mixed into the TMR or used to top dress concentrate. X-Zelit is also available as DC X-Zel, a wheat and soya based feed which can be either mineralised or non-mineralised. 

Benefits of X-Zelit and DC X-Zel
X-Zelit aims to stamp out milk fever, however, many farmers in the UK have found its benefits go beyond that. The list below descibes some of the benefits of X-Zelit. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.


  • Enables the cow to balance her own calcium to ensure no dip around calving
  • Reduces the risk of sub-clinical as well as clinical milk fever
  • Increases appetite straight after calving ensuring the rumen is full
    • Less displacements
    • Less ketosis
    • Less retained placentas
    • Less metritis
  • Quicker return to positive energy balance which has a positive effect on fertility
  • Cows calve down easier and quicker due to improved muscle tone
  • Reduces cell counts
  • Simple to use

The Advanced Nutrition team will be able to discuss which form would be best suited to your set-up.

Please read our case study for further information or download the pdf for more product detail.

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"We test our colostrum, and have found that after using DC X-Zel it’s much better quality. The cows are fitter, healthier, they don’t lose much condition after they calve, right through to lactation. They just calve down better."

Neil & David Kidd - Booth Hall, Lancaster
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