Advanced 360

Advanced 360

A complete system helping farms to move forward.

As the milk price continues to fall, farmers are looking more than ever to reduce costs on the farm. But is that the only thing they can do? 

Just as dairy farming was returning to a period of relative stability, a drop in milk price as been announced. But, isn't there always going to be a degree of fluctuation in market costs which the farmer has to deal with? How can the farmer ensure stability from within their business? 

It's an obvious thing in times like these to look at controlling costs and getting the best price for all the farm's inputs in order to help profitability. Is that the only thing to do? Is it really the full picture? We think that farmers need to look at their business from a different angle and yes, cutting costs can be part of that, but looking at it from a 360-degree view and seeing the connections between animal health and profitability, can add the extra stability that is needed. It's not about increasing costs but investing your way out of a crisis. 

We all know that a healthier cow is a more profitable cow. Feeding the correct nutrition goes someway to improving health but there are many other things that can impact. The cows' environment, the inputs into the farm, the management of the herd, the team of people working on the farm and how they interrelate, all affect herd health. Without looking at the business as a whole, farmers are in danger of missing the small things that can make up the big picture. 

Advanced Nutrition has launched our complete dairy system to move farms forward - Advanced 360. It's been helping our clients profitability for years. 

At its core the system looks to improve the health of the herd, taking into account four main areas of your business. The people on farm, which includes our Nutritionists working with your team; herd management which looks at things such as grouping, feedinging, and foot care; the environment - looking at how your herd is housed, ventilation, cow comfort; herd inputs - forage management, nutrition and diet plans. We've looked at these things together for a number of years on farm, and have plenty of research to back up the system, proving it increases profitability.

Advanced 360 is a system that is built around the individual needs of your farm. It all starts with a farm assessment that identifies any bottlenecks and how these are affecting the farm as a whole. We then test and measure to see what actual financial and physical results are coming back. 

Monitoring is a hugely important part of this process as it allows us to see how we are progressing once any changes have been implemented. We then provide animal management protocols - full plans that the farm can work to, with targets for key growth areas and details on how to monitor and achieve them. 

These protocols, and indeed the full system, are backed up by veterinary experience. Debby Brown, BVMS GP cert FAP MRCVS, works with the team to ensure that all clients are benefitting from her veterinary expertise. Individual nutritionists also have a team they can work with and call on for specialist expertise including cow comfort; heifer rearing; hoof trimming and bathing; as well as having access to a network of industry experts. 

We work with a vast range of farms ranging from herd sizes of 60 cows to over 2000 and everything in between. Our skill is taking this system, with our knowledge and applying it practically to the individual farm. Our principles are routed in Advanced 360. How we apply them and what we do depends on the needs of each individual farm in order to gain maximum benefit. 

To find out more about how our Advanced 360 approach could benefit your farm, please contact us on or call 015242 63139. 

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